Responsible Production

Corporate social responsibility has been central to our concerns since we created the label, and we are committed to a resolutely ethical production process. Our first practical step towards realising this has been to choose an exclusively European production for our clothing capsules.

We are aware that we still have a long way to go to become a 100% responsible company, especially in an industry such as ours which is one of the world's most polluting.

However, we are striving to gradually implement new actions in order to achieve this ultimate goal.

In practical terms, this is what
has been implemented so far

  • Limited quantity production to avoid overproduction
  • Manufacturing which is as local as possible to promote local expertise and reassert the value of certain trades
  • The incorporation of sustainable materials in our collections, such as organic cotton
  • The use of specific techniques such as fully fashioned, which can be used to reduce fabric losses
  • The use of 100% recycled packaging for sending our parcels

Our subsequent
objectives are to :

  • Produce 100% in Belgium and France
  • Manage eventually to cover an entire capsule collection using sustainable materials
  • Continue researching specific techniques that can help to reduce our environmental impact
  • Recover the inevitable production leftovers and give them a second life
  • Broussaud

    For 3 generations, the Broussaud family has made shoes in France, right in the heart of the Limousin region. Aymeric and Alexandra Broussaud and their team are committed to perpetuating a tradition of French expertise while remaining at the forefront of trends and innovations.

    Mosaert has worked with this factory since 2013.

  • Mulieris

    The Mulieris non-profit association is a social and vocational reintegration project created in 2005. This dressmaking workshop aims to offer job prospects to people encountering social difficulties. Supervision is provided by experienced personnel enabling the worker-tailors to acquire intensive training and solid experience.

    Mosaert has worked with this factory since 2013.

  • Célesta

    Confectie Célesta is a flexible, adaptable and high-quality garment factory based in Western Flanders. With around thirty employees, the company works closely with several small workshops in eastern European countries.

    Mosaert has worked with this factory since 2016.

  • Cousy

    Cousy is a knitting workshop that has existed since 1920. Based in Eastern Flanders, this company with 4 generations of experience specialises in industrial knitting.

    Mosaert has worked with this factory since 2016.

  • Saad Besseeleers

    Saad-Besseleers was created about 70 years ago in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium). They offer a wide range of knitwear applications and techniques. Their output consists mainly of ready-to-wear but, besides fashion, they also work for interior design brands.

    Mosaert has worked with this factory since 2017.

  • Neiper Home

    Since the inception of Neiper Home in 1977, the company is focusing on the production and commercialization of terry products. For over 30 years, they have been offering their products to customers across the world by mixing their clients’ preferences with the Portuguese traditions and its know-how.

    Mosaert has worked with this factory since 2017.

  • La Cartuja de Sevilla

    La Cartuja de Sevilla was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit of an English family who had fallen in love with Andalusia in 1841. The quality of its tableware and decorative pieces is as much due to the industrial driven innovations imported by its founder as to the expert hands of the Seville artisans who were quick to incorporate them into their work.

    Mosaert has worked with this factory since 2017.

True costs

As part of this same commitment to responsible production, we are keen to be transparent about our cost price and the label's margin.

We are convinced that our customers are entitled to know what it costs to produce their clothes, especially since producing in Europe has many benefits that are dear to us but, at the same time, lead to higher production costs.

This is why we invite you to uncover the real costs of each of the items produced by Mosaert through the diagrams published on the product pages. Hereunder an example of one these diagrams. The sales price covers the operational costs, the communication expenses and the benefits.

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